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Mr. Boo-Beary's Fur


One 6 oz screw-top lid container of Mr. Boo-Beary's Fur. This slime is ethically extracted from an Insta-famous bear. It features a fresh blueberry cream scent & a fun blueberry color, topped with some glitter. 


A complimentary pouch of slime activator is included with every slime purchase, along with a set of slime care instructions.


 *Any dyes and fragrances we use are either food or cosmetic-grade, even so, please make sure to consider any potential sensitivities to fragrances or dyes when purchasing

**Please be aware that we are not responsible for any custom fees that may incur upon international shipments

 ***Please verify your address, as we will not be held responsible for any  reshipment fees due to an incorrect address.